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AWS Deployment Service

We build highly scalable systems on Amazon web services. AWS deploymenttools can handle system and application level deployment giving ensuring consistency, predictability and integrity across multiple environments.AWS CodeDeploy can deploy application content stored in Amazon S3 buckets, Github repositories and Bitbucket repositories.

AWS is a automated code deployment service that deploys your code and makes it easier to connect with new features, also helps you to avoid downtime while application deployment.

Benefits of AWS Code Deploy:
  • Automated deployments:- AWS deploy fully automates your application deployments processing your development, test and production environments. AWS scales with your infrastructure to deploy from one instance to another over the network.
  • Reduce downtime:- AWS CodeDeploy maximizes your application availability. It performs a rolling update across Amazon EC2 instances and also can specify the number of instances to be taken into consideration offline at a time for updates.
  • Control over everything centrally:- You can track track the status of your deployments of your applications through AWS codeDeploy console or the AWS CLI. You will receive a list of each application revision that was deployed and to which Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Easy adoption:- AWS CodeDeploy is a platform and works with any application. Code reuse is done easily. AWS CodeDeploy can integrate your software process to continuous delivery tool chain.

The right application deployment tools can make the process more effective. But choosing can be a challenge. So choose the right company who can CodeDeploy your applications.